Failure, or Resilient?

There has been a goal that I had had for 2 years in my life, and not seen my desires fulfilled.

I had put effort and energy and time into it, but it was moving forward very slowly…

It felt like frustration, inefficiency, incompetence, inadequacy. At times I have felt small, weak and incapable.

I took a tool that I had learned for my coaching, and I asked myself; what good qualities were present here?

Suddenly the image of this goal turned from dark to light, from colourless to vivid.

I saw that throughout these last two years: I have been determined, I have been resilient, and teachable, and growth minded. I saw my curiosity and my commitment. My passion had been tested and had come through the fire.

In an instant, how I saw this picture flipped 180 degrees. I saw how I had showed up, and I know that it’s only a matter of time. I will complete my goal. And I’ll look back fondly on all the lessons I have been able to learn and the growth I have been able to go through.

If you feel this frustration, and need a hand for your perspective change, let’s get on a call. In the notes for the event booking write REFRAME, and I will lead you through the same exercise that I went through.

The time to stop being frustrated is NOW. Don’t wait.

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